The Brand

SaltyLulla by Carolina Páez has its roots in the French Caribbean, and seeks to produce garments imbued with feelings of freedom, femininity and style. Its garments are a mixture of the Caribbean and the urban style of big cities, a hippy chic that is characterized by the careful selection of fabrics such as cotton voiles, exquisite English embroidery and some incredible prints, giving each piece a unique personality.

A philosophy based on quality dressmaking and a return to craftsmanship with an attention to detail makes these outfits perfect for those who appreciate their production value. These are timeless creations, for women who prefer the comfort and style of simplicity, feeling elegant and sexy, no matter what the season.

About the Designer

Carolina Páez, a Czech-Venezuelan designer, has worked for many years in branding with fashion brands and luxury cosmetics. She has lived in Boston, Germany, St. Barths, and eventually settled in Madrid, Spain, where she obtained a Masters in Fashion Management. On completing her Masters', she started SaltyLulla by Carolina Paez, a brand that is now sold in countries in Latin America, the French Caribbean and the United States. Carolina divides her time between Spain and India, where she produces and designs her magnificent garments.